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Exclusive Services

ESY Solutions is always on the lookout to partner with companies on many different faces of ventures. When your company use our services, we will be able to provide value-added services through networking and matching of business services. 

Middleware Solutions

Partnering with a Series D company, BuilderAI, ESY Solutions is able to provide a customised middleware solution for any company who is looking to integrate different legacy systems or digitizing manual paper processes to streamline operations and improve productivity. 


Video and Photo Editor SDKs

Founders of early stage startups seeking to create a niche Instagram or Tiktok app for their communities can look no further. Partnering with Banuba, ESY Solutions is able to provide a video and photo editor SDK to be integrated with your web and mobile applications.


Attendance Tracking and Biometrics System

Employee attendance and tracking of entry and exit within the office or premise is a must for many companies. With our own inhouse biometrics solution, ESY Solutions will be able to support in the transition from manual tracking to digitised and automated attendance tracking and door access. 


Bookkeeping Services

ESY Solutions provides simple bookkeeping services, with 5 years of experience doing so. 

Get in Touch

We'd love to connect over a weekend coffee session to discuss about your company's needs and how we can help with our services.

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