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Middleware Solutions

Invoicing Automation

Integration with ERP. When an invoice is uploaded, there are automated fills to the designated fields, and this is automatically rerouted to the ERP (real time).

Facilities Management

A booking system can be built for either patients / doctors in relation to the medical packages they bought, phase 1: standalone, phase 2: integrate with existing database (eg. electronic medical record)

Document and Case Management

All tasks are updated in the system and can be viewed by all departments in one centralized system


Application with voice assistant features and no manual typing needed to make an order. Order done by voice assistant. 

Legal and Operations

Personal relationships between account executives and clients are stored digitally so that managers can keep track through the system

Logistics and Supply Chain

A system is created that integrates with the client’s ERP to ensure that all the deliveries for goods are tracked, with time stamps for their performance, and mapped back to the internal KPIs of the supply chain team


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